Art Direction, Design & Animation
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Grand Theft Auto: Rise

GTA: Rise

Role: Art Direction / UI Graphics / 2D Artist / Design
Director: Gevorg Karensky

Grand Theft Auto: Rise is about the birth of an underground hero. He is not the hero that we are used to seeing. He is submerged in his own internal darkness. He is a protagonist. People will fall, things will break, he will be left standing alone in a tunnel with no light at the end.

This is a different take on the live action version of the world famous Grand Theft Auto video game series created by Rockstar Games.

VFX Breakdown:


: Gevorg Karensky
Producer: Cathy Peng
Co-Producer: Romson Niega 
Written by: Gevorg Karensky / Nate Eggert
Cinematographer: Todd Banhazl
Bridge Scene Cinematographer: Kyle Murphy
Production Designer: Denis Ogorodov
Editor: Howard Heard
Sound Designer: Matthew Wilcock
Original Score by: Matthew Wilcock, Aleah Morrison, Dave Lee

Niko Bellic: Josh Feinman
Phone Thief: Andrew McGuinnes
Shooter: Ben Barrett
Bodyguard: Cameron McHarg
Stunt Coordinators: Joe Ross, Eric Linden

Visual Effects Supervisor: Gevorg Karensky

UI & Motion Graphics: James Kim
Matchmoving Artists: Flavio Bianchi 
Animation Artists: Riccardo Giuggioli, Joao Rosa
Rigging & Simulation: Roberto Ciriaco
Dynamics Artists: Attila Zalyani, Gavin Whelan
Lighting Artists: Dimitri Dillmann, Bastian Hantsch
Compositing Artists: Johan Romero, Gresham Lochner,  Joao Rosa, 
Deanna Davies, Djordje Tox Milasinovic, Alvaro Zendejas, Gevorg Karensky 

Color Grading by: Greg White, Gevorg Karensky



2013 SAATCHI & SAATCHI New Directors’ Showcase
2013 Winner CLIO Silver
2013 Winner NYF Gold
2013 Winner WEBBY Honoree
2013 DIFF LA Film Festival Official Selection
2013 13 Million Worldwide views on YouTube

2012 #1 Popular Video around the Web on YouTube
2012 #2 Best Short Film of 2012 on Film Shortage
2012 Viral Content around the Globe on YouTube
2012 Winner ADDY Silver
2012 Winner TELLY Silver